Going Electric In Ontario - Is The Price Tag Worth It?

Imagine you could wave a magic wand and find your next car.

Which car would you choose?

Would you choose to go for a hybrid vehicle? How about electric?

With gas prices on the rise, it’s no wonder more drivers in Ontario are considering going green for their next vehicle purchase. But with so many costs to consider - is plugging in really lighter on your wallet?

Let’s find out.

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Tax Season Tips!

Did you know you may be eligible to claim business related expenses on your vehicle such as lease costs, gas, insurance, maintenance and repairs if you are self-employed or even a salaried employee under certain circumstances? 


If your vehicle is also used for personal use, you will be able to write off a portion of those costs. Always be sure to keep record of the use of your personal vehicle when it is being used for business! You must keep a log of business dates, mileage and indicate the purpose of the trip. Have your receipts on file as well…

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Why Change Your Tires?

Changing your tires seasonally not only keeps you safer on the roads but will also save you money in the long run!

Winter tires are made specifically for colder temperatures below 7 degrees. These tires have a softer compound and a block tread pattern, allowing the tire to have a better grip on ice and snow.

All season tires are made for temperatures above 7 degrees. These tires have a harder tire compound with a finer tread that is ideal for mild temperatures.
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What is Equity?

A common questioned we get asked is "Does my car have positive or negative equity?"
There are a few factors involved to figure this out. Let's start with the basics and first talk about "What is Equity?".

The difference between your vehicle’s trade in value and the amount owing, is known as equity. Your vehicle will either have positive or negative equity. If you are still making payments when you are looking to trade in your vehicle, the dealership will take the value of your trade in, minus the amount owing on your car loan to figure out…

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Getting Your Vehicle Ready For Winter

With winter weather around the corner, it’s becoming increasingly more important to be prepared for the ice, snow, slush and slippery roads ahead. Making sure your vehicle is ready for unforeseen winter road emergencies is our number one priority for you and your family. Read along as we cover a few simple but important steps to get you through the season safely. 


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