Vehicle Types and Car Body Styles Explained

Car Body Styles Explained | Zanchin Automotive Group

Vehicle Types and Car Body Styles Explained

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What are the different types of vehicles?

A vehicle is defined as a "passenger vehicle of any type." For easier understanding, we have broken down all the major vehicle options into seven major categories:


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The Cargo Van

Just like the name suggests, these are vans used to transport cargo. They feature one-piece construction, which means the passenger area and cargo area are one, allowing easy and convenient access to the cargo area from inside the car.

Most cargo vans come fitted with sliding doors or rear doors for loading and unloading cargo. The cargo area might not include windows, keeping the luggage safe from prying eyes. Many models in the market today come equipped with a cargo guard. This guard isolates the passenger area from the cargo area. Visit one of our dealerships to view a new cargo van for sale in Toronto, Ontario.


Coupes adapt their name from a type of vintage carriage with seating for two. Today, they are sought after for their three-box configuration, two-doors, and a fixed roof. Most coupes feature a sloping roof and long hood and deliver exemplary performance on the road.

The coupe configuration is quite popular in the supercar circles, highly preferred for fast, high-performance cars. Check our Car Dealerships in Ontario.


Hatchbacks are the ideal vehicles for the hectic, congested urban lifestyle. They are compact enough to fit in most parking spaces. Besides, spacious enough to seat four to five people comfortably. Hatchbacks get their name from the hatch-style opening of the rear trunk door.

Hatchbacks generally are considered to be versatile, efficient, and economical cars. More capable hatchbacks, however, tend to be a little more expensive. Therefore, they are quite popular within large cities. Visit our dealership to view a new hatchback for sale in Toronto, Ontario.


When most people hear the word car, the sedan is probably the first thing that springs in their minds. A sedan is a passenger car with a three-box configuration; the trunk, passenger, and engine compartments.

Sedans are advertised and preferred as family cars, as they are compact and efficient enough for most people. They are also provided ample seating space for up to five people. Visit our dealership to view a new sedan for sale in Toronto, Ontario.


SUVs are characterized by their high ground clearance, more massive proportions, raised height, and off-roading capabilities. SUVs are generally preferred as family cars, as they can sit anywhere between 5 and 8 people (depending on the model).

Today most auto manufacturers have at least one SUV in their lineup, owing to their ever-increasing popularity. SUVs are amongst some of the most luxurious vehicles you will find on the road. Visit our dealership to view a new SUV for sale in Toronto, Ontario.


Trucks are large vehicles used to transport cargo in generous amounts. Trucks usually feature an open flatbed that serves as the cargo area. Today, they vary in sizes and shapes, and you will find everything ranging from small to more massive commercial trucks with a remarkable payload capacity. Visit our dealership to view a new truck for sale in Toronto, Ontario.


Vans are commonly used for the transportation of either goods or people. They are typically larger (microvans can be smaller) than most common cars but smaller than buses. The smallest vans you will find are referred to as micro vans. They are used to transport people or goods in small quantities. Visit our dealership to view a new van/minivan for sale in Toronto, Ontario.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is body style on a car?

A car's body style refers to the model and shape of a particular vehicle.

How many types of vehicle bodies are there?

There are several body styles available today. However, the seven most popular body styles include sedans, hatchbacks, coupes, SUVs, vans, crossovers, and trucks.

What does it mean by vehicle type?

A vehicle type includes a category of power-driven vehicles that do not differ in essential respects such as the structure, shape, dimensions, and materials.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of car body styles, you are in a better position to make your next informed purchase. Contact us for more information on all our vehicle types, including new sedans, SUVs, coupes, hatchbacks, trucks, and vans. You can also apply for our Secure Online Financing for pre-approval.