Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles for Sale in Ontario

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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles for Sale

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles for Sale in Ontario

When the need or want to purchase a new vehicle arises, automotive consumers from Vaughan (Maple, Kleinburg, Concord, and part of Thornhill), Brampton, Mississauga, Greater Toronto Area, and Ontario have an abundance of options to choose from. The Canadian market has approximately 30 manufacturers and over 100 models for prospective buyers. Aside from the new vehicle market, consumers can also consider looking into pre-owned as well. Even within the pre-owned market, there are certified pre-owned vehicles that certain manufacturers offer. At Zanchin Auto Group, we have a large inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles that span across multiple manufacturers. We are sure that the vehicle you are looking for can be found. Don't forget to fill out our online finance application and get the process started. Pre-approval has never been easier!

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Vehicle

Certified pre-owned vehicles have become a popular option for new buyers trying to save money but still reap the benefits of a new vehicle. There are many enhanced benefits that certified pre-owned vehicles provide automotive consumers; that being said, the greatest benefit is the added peace of mind it brings. You can start your journey right now with our How to Buy a Car Online feature, it's never been easier.

The Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

There are many benefits to buying a certified pre-owned vehicle from Zanchin Auto Group. Each manufacturer has its own guidelines and restrictions, but generally, they are quite similar across the industry. All CPO programs are sponsored by the manufacturer and executed by the dealership. Only vehicles that are in pristine condition will qualify. Typically late model, low mileage vehicles that do not have any accident history are considered for a certified pre-owned vehicle program.

Once a vehicle enters the program, it is put through a rigorous multi-point inspection and reconditioning process. Again depending on the manufacturer, the multi-point inspection can range from 105-point to over 150-point. After the inspection is complete, the vehicle may or may need reconditioning. At this point, once this is complete, the vehicle can be sold as a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Certified pre-owned programs not only examine the vehicle from top to bottom, but they will also extend both the original basic and original powertrain warranty. Depending on the current mileage, the extended warranty can add a lot or an average amount of allowed distance. Manufacturers offer this extended warranty to provide peace of mind and a competitive edge. Along with the extended warranty, roadside assistance may also continue with the warranty term.

To add another layer of benefit, certified pre-owned vehicles will also offer lower finance rates than used vehicles and, in some cases, at the same percentage as new vehicles. For a new buyer who plans to finance their CPO vehicle, their monthly payments will typically be lower. If you think you are credit challenged, don't worry. Zanchin Auto Group can help you get the credit you need for your new vehicle.

The majority of certified pre-owned programs also allow the new buyer to bring the vehicle back to exchange it for a different model. There are some restrictions to time and mileage that need to be taken into account.

Popular Questions:

What is the best certified pre-owned car to buy?

The majority of certified pre-owned vehicles come with the same added benefits, so choosing one will come down to the model you prefer.

Is it better to buy a CPO car?

Certified pre-owned vehicles are an excellent choice for those who want added protection and heightened peace of mind.

Can you negotiate the price on certified pre-owned cars?

This is all dependent on the dealership, but most certified pre-owned vehicles are priced competitively relative to their condition and added benefits.

What is the difference between used and certified pre-owned cars?

As we have mentioned above, there are many benefits to purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle over a used vehicle. 

What is the best month to buy a car?

There is a designated month to purchase a car. Certified pre-owned vehicles are available year-round.

What does certified pre-owned mean when buying a used car?

A certified pre-owned vehicle is only entered into the program once it meets stringent guidelines. CPO vehicles are backed by an extended warranty, lower finance rates, exchange policy, and a multi-point inspection.