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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles for Sale in Ontario

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles for Sale

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Certified pre-owned programs not only examine the vehicle from top to bottom, but they will also extend both the original basic and original powertrain warranty. Depending on the current mileage, the extended warranty can add a lot or an average amount of allowed distance. Manufacturers offer this extended warranty to provide peace of mind and a competitive edge. Along with the extended warranty, roadside assistance may also continue with the warranty term.

To add another layer of benefit, certified pre-owned vehicles will also offer lower finance rates than used vehicles and, in some cases, at the same percentage as new vehicles. For a new buyer who plans to finance their CPO vehicle, their monthly payments will typically be lower. If you think you are credit challenged, don't worry. Zanchin Auto Group can help you get the credit you need for your new vehicle.

The majority of certified pre-owned programs also allow the new buyer to bring the vehicle back to exchange it for a different model. There are some restrictions to time and mileage that need to be taken into account.