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  1. Acura of Oakville Service

    Latitude: 43.426856994628906Longitude: -79.72517395019531

    1525 North Service Rd. W.
    Directions Oakville, ON L6M 2W2

    • Sales: (905) 825-8777
    • Service: (905) 825-8777
  2. Airport Mazda of Toronto Service

    Latitude: 43.715675354003906Longitude: -79.59203338623048

    415 Rexdale Blvd.
    Directions Toronto, ON M9W 6P8

    • Sales: (416) 745-0001
    • Service: (416) 745-0001
  3. Alta Infiniti Service

    Latitude: 43.77612686157227Longitude: -79.60794830322266

    5585 Highway 7 West
    Directions Woodbridge, ON L4L 1T5

    • Sales: (905) 856-8800
    • Service: (905) 856-8800
  4. Alta Nissan Richmond Hill Service

    Latitude: 43.912071228027344Longitude: -79.44551086425781

    11667 Yonge St
    Directions Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3N8

    • Sales: (905) 780-7771
    • Service: (905) 780-7771
  5. Alta Nissan Woodbridge Service

    Latitude: 43.773704528808594Longitude: -79.60798645019531

    7625 Martin Grove Road
    Directions Woodbridge, ON L4L 2C5

    • Sales: (905) 851-1279
    • Service: (905) 851-2799
  6. BMW Kingston Service

    Latitude: 44.23799133300781Longitude: -76.55226135253906

    1412 Bath Rd
    Directions Kingston, ON K7M4X6

    • Sales: (613) 817-1808
    • Service: (613) 817-1808
  7. Castle Honda Service

    Latitude: 43.716373443603516Longitude: -79.58992767333984

    370 Rexdale Blvd
    Directions Etobicoke, ON M9W 1R6

    • Sales: (416) 745-7060
    • Service: (416) 745-7060
  8. Erin Mills Acura Service

    Latitude: 43.52794647216797Longitude: -79.67730712890625

    3025 Woodchester Drive
    Directions Mississauga, ON L5L 3V3

    • Sales: (905) 828-5800
    • Service: (905) 828-5800
  9. Genesis Maple

    Latitude: 43.86888122558593Longitude: -79.50413513183594

    233 Sweetriver Blvd.
    Directions Maple, ON L6A 4G9

  10. Infiniti Of Brampton Service

    Latitude: 43.755863189697266Longitude: -79.79347229003906

    60 Coachworks Crescent
    Directions Brampton, ON L6R 3Y2

    • Sales: (905) 499-2882
    • Service: (905) 499-2882
  11. Jaguar Land Rover Brampton

    Latitude: 43.756488800048835Longitude: -79.79419708251953

    50 Coachworks Crescent
    Directions BRAMPTON, ON L6R3Y2

    • Sales: (905) 851-2258
  12. Lexus of Vaughan Service

    Latitude: 43.836944580078125Longitude: -79.53496551513672

    98 Auto Vaughan Drive
    Directions Vaughan, ON L6A 4A1

    • Sales: 905-588-1010
    • Service: 289-963-7070
  13. Maple Acura Service

    Latitude: 43.83501815795898Longitude: -79.53654479980469

    111 Auto Vaughan Drive
    Directions Maple, ON L6A 4A1

    • Sales: (905) 832-1277
    • Service: (905) 832-1277
  14. Maple Honda Service

    Latitude: 43.83513641357422Longitude: -79.53461456298828

    89 Auto Vaughan Drive
    Directions Vaughan, ON L6A 4A1

    • Sales: (905) 832-1202
    • Service: (905) 832-1202
  15. Maple Hyundai Service

    Latitude: 43.834754943847656Longitude: -79.53689575195312

    233 Sweetriver Blvd.
    Directions Maple, ON L6A 4G9

    • Sales: (905) 417-8886
    • Service: (905) 417-8886
    • Parts: (905) 417-8886
  16. Maple Mazda Service

    Latitude: 43.83627700805663Longitude: -79.53633880615234

    110 Auto Vaughan Drive
    Directions Maple, ON L6A 4A1

    • Sales: (905) 832-1556
    • Service: 905-832-1556
  17. Maple Nissan Service

    Latitude: 43.83740234375Longitude: -79.53502655029297

    100 Auto Vaughan Dr
    Directions Maple, ON L6A 4A1

    • Sales: (905) 417-7211
    • Service: (905) 417-7211
  18. Maple Toyota Service

    Latitude: 43.83634948730469Longitude: -79.53496551513672

    88 Auto Vaughan Dr
    Directions Maple, ON L6A 4A1

    • Sales: (905) 417-9100
    • Service: (905) 417-9100
  19. Maple Volkswagen Service

    Latitude: 43.836666107177734Longitude: -79.53782653808594

    260 Sweet River Blvd
    Directions Maple, ON L6A4V3

    • Sales: (905) 832-5711
    • Service: (905) 832-5711
  20. Martin Grove Volkswagen Service

    Latitude: 43.77570724487305Longitude: -79.60935974121095

    7731 Martin Grove Rd.
    Directions Woodbridge, ON L4L2C5

    • Sales: (905) 851-5111
    • Service: (905) 851-5111
  21. Mercedes-Benz Durham

    Latitude: 43.874046325683594Longitude: -78.90840148925783

    250 Thickson Road South
    Directions Whitby, ON L1N9Z1

    • Sales: (905) 666-8805
  22. Mercedes-Benz Maple

    Latitude: 43.834281921386726Longitude: -79.53417205810547

    9300 Jane St
    Directions MAPLE, ON L6A0C5

    • Sales: (905) 585-9300
  23. Mercedes-Benz Midtown

    Latitude: 43.713390350341804Longitude: -79.36133575439453

    849 Eglinton Ave E
    Directions EAST YORK, ON M4G2L5

    • Sales: (416) 847-7400
  24. Mercedes-Benz Mississauga

    Latitude: 43.61408996582031Longitude: -79.70027160644531

    6120 Mavis Road
    Directions MISSISSAUGA, ON L5V2X4

    • Sales: (905) 363-3322
  25. Mercedes-Benz Newmarket

    Latitude: 44.03790283203124Longitude: -79.46614074707031

    230 Mulock Dr
    Directions NEW MARKET, ON L3Y 9B8

    • Sales: (905) 895-4661
  26. Milton Volkswagen Service

    Latitude: 43.53323364257812Longitude: -79.91323852539061

    3030 James Snow Parkway North
    Directions MILTON, ON L9T2X7

    • Sales: (905) 693-7800
    • Service: (905) 693-7800
  27. Mississauga Volkswagen

    Latitude: 43.53049087524414Longitude: -79.677490234375

    2420 Motorway Blvd
    Directions Mississauga, ON L5L 1X3

    • Sales: 18669803704
  28. Newmarket Nissan Service

    Latitude: 44.063087463378906Longitude: -79.4305191040039

    17385 Leslie Street
    Directions Newmarket, ON L3Y 9A3

    • Sales: (289) 276-0108
    • Service: (289) 677-1705
  29. Number 7 Honda Service

    Latitude: 43.775482177734375Longitude: -79.60774993896484

    5555 Highway 7 West
    Directions Woodbridge, ON L4L 1T5

    • Sales: (905) 851-2258
    • Service: (905) 851-2259
  30. Prima Mazda Service

    Latitude: 43.77398681640625Longitude: -79.60823059082031

    7635 Martin Grove Rd.
    Directions Woodbridge, ON L4L 2C5

    • Sales: (905) 850-8111
    • Service: (905) 850-8111
  31. Stouffville Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram SRT Service

    Latitude: 43.970455169677734Longitude: -79.28069305419922

    20 Automall Blvd.
    Directions Stouffville, ON L4A0W7

    • Sales: (905) 888-6680
    • Service: (905) 888-6680
    • Parts: (905) 888-6680
  32. Stouffville Hyundai Service

    Latitude: 43.97090148925781Longitude: -79.28109741210938

    67 Automall Blvd
    Directions Stouffville, ON L4A 0W7

    • Sales: (905) 888-7777
    • Service: (905) 888-7777
  33. Stouffville Nissan Service

    Latitude: 43.971378326416016Longitude: -79.281005859375

    95 Automall Blvd
    Directions Stouffville, ON L4A 0W7

    • Sales: (905) 201-6006
    • Service: (905) 201-6006
  34. Woodbridge Toyota Service

    Latitude: 43.77447891235352Longitude: -79.60836029052734

    7685 Martin Grove Road
    Directions Woodbridge, ON L4L 1B5

    • Sales: (905) 851-3993
    • Service: (905) 851-3993
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Auto Service & Maintenance Centres in Ontario

There are many options for automotive consumers from Vaughan (Maple, Kleinburg, Concord, and part of Thornhill), Brampton, Mississauga, Greater Toronto Area, and Ontario when it comes to having their vehicle repaired and maintained. Many aftermarket options are available; however, consumers risk the chance of having their vehicles repaired by an institution that doesn't truly understand it. At Zanchin Auto Group, we have 28 service centres across Ontario to serve you better. Each of our service centres is equipped with state of the art machinery and OEM trained technicians. When you bring your vehicle to one of our locations, you can be rest assured it is in the best of hands.

Mazda Service & Maintenance

Kodo soul motion is the inspiration behind every Mazda vehicle. Their unique design and engineering are rooted in ancient Japanese heritage. When it comes to maintenance, take care of your investment by allowing certified technicians to perform the repairs.

Toyota Service & Maintenance

Toyota is known for its Kaizen approach of continuous improvement, and it makes complete sense. When performing service on your Toyota, we make sure to use only genuine Toyota parts and Toyota certified technicians. Have your Toyota continually performing at its best.

Honda Service & Maintenance

At Honda, we have a dedicated staff of service professionals that are ready to help you get through any type of maintenance or repair. Please bring it to the technicians that understand your vehicle best. 

Acura Service & Maintenance

At our Acura service centre, we know your vehicle like the back of our hand. That's why we encourage Acura owners to bring their vehicles back for service and let certified technicians perform any service that's necessary.

Nissan Service & Maintenance

Our Promise is your experience. We want to fulfill all your needs and wants. When you bring your vehicle in for service, we will make sure to repair it right the first time, only using genuine Nissan parts.

Infiniti Service & Maintenance

INFINITI offers luxury for any lifestyle. Our service centre is prepared to help you with any issues you may be having with the utmost care taken. We want you to experience only the best. 

Lexus Service & Maintenance

At Lexus, we promote refined technology and luxury. Our state of the art service centre is equipped with state of the art machinery to diagnose your vehicle right the first time. Only the best service awaits.

BMW Service & Maintenance

The Ultimate driving experience awaits anyone that gets behind the wheel of a BMW. However, the ultimate service experience awaits those who choose to have service performed at our service centre.

Hyundai Service & Maintenance

With new thinking and new possibilities, our Hyundai service centre always looks to do the unconventional to provide the best service experience possible. We take pride in servicing your Hyundai.

Volkswagen Service & Maintenance

Together, we can find a solution for any problem you may have. Our state of the art service centre is ready to tackle any problem you may have. Our trained service advisors are ready to provide you with the advice you need to make an educated decision.

Mercedes-Benz Service & Maintenance

At Mercedes-Benz, it's the best or nothing. This philosophy is embedded in our fully equipped service centre. Our advisors and trained technicians treat the well-being of your vehicle as if it were one of their own. Only the best will do.

Chrysler Service & Maintenance

Come and drive forward with Chrysler's service and maintenance centre. Our trained and certified technicians are ready to help you repair any issues you have with your vehicle. Nothing is too big or too small. Because as when we move forward, you move forward too.

Fiat Service Centre

At Fiat, our number priority is to make sure you are completely satisfied. Our service centre is always here for you. When a vehicle pulls into the service bay, our trained technicians will tend to it with the utmost care.


Here at Land Rover Brampton, our team is here to share that history with you! Land Rover has a storied history of four-wheel drive prowess and capability. 

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