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Selling your car in Ontario shouldn't be complicated

If you want an online idea of what your current vehicle maybe valued at, use our quick and easy appraisal tool to get your cars current market value. We use our proprietary appraisal technology that scans the current market of vehicles in your region identical to yours, that are currently for sale, to give you the most honest opinion of where your vehicles value range fits into.

If you prefer to be part of the appraisal process onsite, visit one of our 32 locations across Toronto. You can then decide to sell us your car for cash or trade it in for a new car.

Benefits of Selling Your Vehicle Now in Ontario, Canada

Zanchin Auto Group is the leading and most preferred auto group, representing several brands in the surrounding areas but not limited to Vaughan, Maple, Concord, Brampton, Mississauga, Greater Toronto Area Ontario.

Selling Your Car Now In Ontario, Canada

Selling your vehicle in Ontario, Canada, has never been this easy, and it is thanks to the Zanchin Auto group. We are one of the largest automotive retailers in Canada and have simplified the process of selling your vehicle even further. Whatever the brand, model, or year, we will buy your car at the best price possible. What is even better, you are under no obligation to purchase your next vehicle from us.


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Benefits of Selling Your Vehicle To Zanchin Auto Group

Two main benefits accrued from selling your car to the Zanchin Auto group. First up, you will always get one of the best prices in the market. We pride ourselves on building confidence in both buying and selling a car through us. We strive to offer you the best price for your vehicle when selling your vehicle. Zanchin Auto Group is well known for its fair and just approach they use every time it does business with its customers. We offer each customer a 1000 km or ten-day buffer period that is enough to decide if the offer is good enough for them before they decide to sell.

Secondly, at Zanchin Auto group, you are under no obligation to buy from us. Customers do not need to buy a car from us and sell their vehicles through us with absolutely no strings attached. There are several reasons for wanting to sell your vehicle; be it not liking your car anymore or wanting to get rid of it, we shall buy it at a fair price.

How Do I Sell My Car In Ontario, Canada?

When selling your vehicle through the Zanchin Auto group, no guarantee is required for the deal to go through. You need to find a convenient time for you and visit our store, which is open seven days a week and meet one of our appraisers. An appraiser will inspect your vehicle in a matter of minutes. Appraising can be done while in your presence for transparency and to avoid any surprises.

The appraisal process will determine your car's value concerning its resale market value. Customers should be careful not to be influenced by other dealers who might give them misleading appraisal information, especially if they want to sell them another car. More often or not, they will factor in the money you think you are getting in the deal into the price of the vehicle you want to purchase.

After your vehicle's appraisal process is complete, you will then have to sign two vital documents. One document certifies the reading of the odometer or total Kilometres to authenticate that the reading displayed is the correct reading to avoid and ambiguity by the person who eventually buys the car. The other document certifies that your vehicle has never been involved in a significant accident. Once a vehicle has been involved in a massive collision and repaired, the car's value dramatically decreases. It is, therefore, essential that the new owner is notified of this by the reseller of the vehicle. Once everything is in order, the Zanchin Auto group will confirm the vehicle's final price, and you can now sell it.

What Do I Need To Do When Buying A Used Car In Ontario?

When buying a new vehicle in Ontario, be sure to visit the Zanchin Auto group in Ontario, Canada. Alternatively, you can visit their website and filter your search according to various parameters like make, model, and year. They are allowing you to find your perfect vehicle from a wide array of those available.

How Much Does It Cost To Transfer Car Ownership In Ontario?

In most cases, buyers transferring ownership must pay 13% of the retail service tax. This amount is either based on the wholesale value of the vehicle or its buying price. The higher amount between the two is the one that is used.

How Should I Get Paid When Selling A Car?

Once the selling process is finalized and you agree with the tabulated price, you will receive a cheque on the spot. The cheque bears the full cost. Alternatively, instead of asking for a cheque, you can use the money to buy a new vehicle from us at an excellent price.

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