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Subprime Auto Loans

A subprime loan is a type of credit offered at a rate above prime to customers who do not qualify for current prime-rate loans.  Typically, traditional lenders turn down subprime borrowers because of a low credit score or other credit reporting factors that suggest they may default on debt repayment.  At the Zanchin Auto Group, we have two objectives.  Securing an auto loan that will help you reestablish your credit and helping you regain the trust of lenders to be approved for a prime loan in the future.


Apply for Subprime Auto Loans

At the Zanchin Auto Group, we believe there are no financing problems, only solutions.  And we want to help you realize your automotive goals, regardless of your credit history.  You may be thinking, "this is impossible," but our Zanchin Auto Group Finance Team knows it is not impossible.  Sure, there may be a few hurdles to leap over, but that is why we are here.  To help good people with complicated pasts own the car they want.

A car loan or lease is a decision that must be carefully planned to minimize financial hardship and can also be used as a tool to help reestablish your credit score.  Whether you have your sights set on a brand new car or a used vehicle, you must review factors such as total purchase cost, loan term, interest rate, and contract conditions.  This is extremely important, especially if you have had financial difficulties in the past.  Contact us to speak with a Finance Expert for more information.

How to get out of a subprime auto loan?

Before considering how to get out of a subprime auto loan, you should decide what you hope to achieve by doing so.  Do you want to lower your interest rate, get another car, or renegotiate your current car's terms?  Once you identify what you want, you can now decide which of these options is best for you:

  • Renegotiate a car loan - talk to your current lender. They may offer an extension of your terms to lower your monthly payments or reduce your contract term so you can pay off your loan sooner.
  • Refinance your loan - try refinancing with a new lender. When your credit score improves, you may qualify for a loan at a lower interest rate.
  • Trade-In your car - if you need a new car, you could trade-in your old vehicle as a down payment and apply for financing for a new one.

What are the best
subprime auto lenders?

There are advantages and disadvantages to every subprime auto lender.  This is where the finance specialists at the Zanchin Auto Group can help.  Depending on your financial situation and credit history, we can review all your options, explain each lender's pros and cons, and the terms offered by each approved lender.  Our mission is to help you find the best subprime auto lender for your individual needs.

What is the subprime interest rate for car loans?

if you have driven past a dealership and seen the signs for 0% financing, that does not necessarily mean that is the interest rate you will get.  In fact, close to 1 out of every 3 Canadians looking to finance a new or used car are not eligible for that interest rate.  That is where subprime lenders, like Scotia Dealer Advantage or TD Non-Prime, come in.  If you are approved for a subprime auto loan, you can expect your interest rate to be anywhere from 6% to 15%.

What credit score
is subprime?

There is one size fits all answer to this question.  Typically, if you have a credit score lower than 620, you are veering into subprime territory.  But lenders will also consider missed or late payments, high credit card balances, numerous credit inquiries, short credit history, or delinquent accounts when determining your interest rate.  The best way to determine if you are a subprime borrower is by speaking with our Finance Centre.

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